The all-in-one solution for 3D laser-scanning The all-in-one solution for 3D laser-scanning

The C3-StarterKit contains all the components you need to carry out complete laser light-scanning triangulation. There are 3 different line widths available, with matching camera lenses. If ordering a C3-CameraLink model, you also have the option of adding a frame grabber (e.g. Dalsa Coreco X64CL-Ipro/Lite) as an extra accessory. Another option is to upgrade the StarterKit with a pre-installed PC.

Product names and features

Name Features
[camera]-[line length]
- A camera from the C3 or C4 series
- Laser and camera lens (freely selectable line length)
- Software: CX-Explorer & C3Lib C++ SDK (depending on the camera model)
- Connection box for DIN rail assembly
- Connecting cable (length: 2 m) for linking camera with connection box
- Power pack for camera power supply
Optional components: - Camera Link™ frame grabber (Base connection)
- Camera Link™ cable (3 m) or Gigabyte Ethernet cable
- Adjustable mechanical system for both laser and camera