High-speed 3D Camera with ultra-high resolution High-speed 3D Camera with ultra-high resolution

Sensor properties

  • Non-contact 3D measurement in accordance with the laser-sheet of light (triangulation) method
  • Measuring speed up to 14500 Hz
  • Image processing integrated in the camera. Height profile output via GigE vision
  • Configurable camera modes: image mode, profile mode
  • Selection of 3D camera algorithms: threshold-selection method, maximum method, COG method
  • All algorithms achieve the maximum profile rate, regardless of the algorithm selected and its parameters
  • Simple configuration via camera register
  • Configurable selection of the data output, e.g. height data or height data + intensity data
  • Genuine global snapshot shutter for accurate profiles without movement distortion (blurring)
  • Programmable number of profiles that can be merged to form a height image
  • Up to 8 freely selectable AOIs (sensor read-out window) in image and profile mode
  • Flexible trigger functions for profile and image triggering
  • RS422 interface converter with programmable counter for profile trigger generation and integral identification of direction of movement
  • Data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Configurable opto coupled I/Os for trigger function and synchronisation
  • Storage of a user-defined start-up camera configuration in a configuration EEprom
  • Integrated control for external illumination (Laser)
  • Enhanced 3D imaging with High Dynamic Range 3D (HDR-3D)

Brochure: C4-4090

Sensor Data
Sensor resolution: 4096 x 3072pixels
Pixel size: 5,5µm x 5,5µm
Dynamic range: 90dB with HDR-3D
Profile width: 4096 elements
Typical profile rates in relation to sensor rows:
Sensor rows Profile speed with 4096 pixels (HZ)
3072 75
512 450
128 1700
64 3200
32 5800
16 9700
8 14500
Available connections: Gigabit Ethernet
Max. image rate with CameraLink (full image): 37 fps (internal memory)
Max. number of sensor AOIs: 8
Digital I/Os: 2 inputs, 2 outputs, opto coupled for 5-24 V
External synchronisation: RS422 resolver interface with A,/A,B,/B inputs and digital inputs for trigger function
Supply voltage: 10 - 24V
Power consumption: < 10W
Optical system: M42x1 with flange back 6,52mm. Adapter for f-mount available (recommended)
Size: 68mm x 68mm x 59mm (C-mount) x 88mm (F-Mount)
Weight: 410g (F-Mount)
Hardware requirements: Gigabit Ethernet
Operating systems: Windows 7 / 64 Bit, Windows XP, Vista, WIN NT, 2000, Linux (on request)
Delivery includes: CD-ROM with documentation, XML-desciption-file for GigE / GenICam
Name: Explanation
C4-4090-GigE: C4-4090 with Gigabit Ethernet Interface
C4-I/O-Kit Connection kit for DIN rail assembly with camera-I/O cable and power supply
CX-Explorer Configuration and recording software for all cameras in the C4 series