High-speed 3D Camera High-speed 3D Camera

Sensor properties

  • Non-contact 3D measurement in accordance with the laser-sheet of light (triangulation) method
  • Measuring speed up to 71500 profiles/s
  • Dedicated CPU for custom image processing
  • 1GB image memory
  • Image processing integrated in the camera. Height profile output via standard camera interfacee
  • Configurable camera modes: image mode, profile mode
  • Selection of 3D camera algorithms: threshold-selection method, maximum method, COG method
  • All algorithms achieve the maximum profile rate, regardless of the algorithm selected and its parameters
  • Simple configuration via camera register
  • Configurable selection of the data output, e.g. height data or height data + intensity data
  • Genuine global snapshot shutter for accurate profiles without movement distortion (blurring)
  • Programmable number of profiles that can be merged to form a height image
  • Up to 8 freely selectable AOIs (sensor read-out window) in image and profile mode
  • Global snapshot-shutter for pure profiles with low in-motion unsharpness
  • Flexible trigger functions for profile and image triggering
  • RS422 interface converter with programmable counter for profile trigger generation and integral identification of direction of movement
  • Data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Configurable opto coupled I/Os for trigger function and synchronisation
  • Storage of a user-defined start-up camera configuration in a configuration EEprom
  • Integrated control for external illumination (Laser)
  • Enhanced 3D imaging with High Dynamic Range 3D (HDR-3D)
Sensor Data
Sensor resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
Pixel size: 14µm x 14µm
Dynamic range: 90dB with HDR-3D
Profile width: 1280 elements
Typical profile rates in relation to sensor rows:
Sensor rows Profile speed with 1280 pixels (HZ) Profile speed with 128 pixels (HZ)
1024 290 4700
256 2000 15800
128 3800 26500
64 7200 39800
32 13200 53300
16 22700 64200
8 35400 71500
Available connections: Gigabit Ethernet
Max. image rate with CameraLink (full image): 500fps (internal memory)
Max. number of sensor AOIs: 4
Digital I/Os: 2 inputs, 2 outputs, opto coupled for 5-24 V
External synchronisation: RS422 resolver interface with A,/A,B,/B inputs and digital inputs for trigger function
Supply voltage: 10 - 24V
Power consumption: < 10W
Optical system: M42x1 with flange back 6,52mm, adapter for C-mount / f-mount
Size: 68mm x 68mm x 59mm (C-mount) x 88mm (F-Mount)
Weight: 340g (C-Mount) / 410g (F-Mount)
Hardware requirements: Gigabit Ethernet
Operating systems: Windows 7 / 64 Bit, Windows XP, Vista, WIN NT, 2000, Linux (on request)
Development environment: GenICam-API, configuration and image acquisition software, CX-Explorer with example code
Delivery includes: CD-ROM with documentation (in German and English), XML-desciption-file for GigE / GenICam
Name: Explanation
C4-1280-GigE: C4-1280 with Gigabit Ethernet Interface
C4-I/O-Kit Connection kit for DIN rail assembly with camera-I/O cable and power supply
CX-Explorer Configuration and recording software for all cameras in the C4 series