Accessories for C4 camera series

Accessories for C4 camera series, C4-I/O-Kit

Composed of:

  • C4-I/O-Panel
  • C4 cable
  • 24V DC power supply and cable for connecting C4 camera, length 2m
C4-I/O-Panel C4-I/O-Panel

Features :

  • Connection box with terminal strip for all I/O signals and C4 camera power supply
  • No need to cut special camera cables to size for connection of the power supply and I/O signals
  • Suitable for DIN rail assembly
  • Contains additional power supply filtering and reverse power protection
C4 Cable

Features :

  • Model standard cable: with clip locking, cast design
  • Model drag chain compatible with screwable camera connector
  • Available lengths: 2m, 5m, 7m, 10m and custom